Greg White
Internet Pro
Organizational Management

Making sure you have the right players in the right positions can make a huge change within an organization. Augment that with good processes and leadership that knows their job is to remove obstacles for their team and an organization can flourish.

Outsource Team Management

I have managed outsource teams, since before they were called outsource teams. Communication and cultural understanding is critical with outsourced groups and I have figured out both.

Project Management

I have made a career out of bootstrapping projects with the tiniest budgets to high growth and success in a short time frame. Processes are important as long as they don't get in the way of actually doing the work.

Process Flow

Removing bottlenecks and reinforcing the weak points in a process before they become issues is one of my super powers.


I have not been writing code on a daily basis for some time, but I still like to jump into a project. My 40 years of coding skill helps me in managing teams, and setting deadlines as I really know what it takes.

Automated Marketing Systems

With the right message a good product can be a great success. Crafting the message, tracking, testing and continually reworking that message can make an organization a great success.

Old school marketing is taking a hit. Pressing the flesh, client meetings, conventions, conferences, networking events, business lunches, business golf outings are going the way of the buggy whip.

Will they come back? maybe,

when? who knows.

In the meantime, I can show you the method I have been using for over 20 years to sell products and systems with safe social distancing practices. Getting in front of your clients all the time, especially when they are ready to buy. Improving your website to be a lead generation machine.

My process is not an app, it is a fully integrated strategy to market your services, and products using voice, text messages, your website, print, email, pay per click, search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Current Projects
Personal Dot Com2020 - Present

Created a company to help people create their own personal brand identity on the Internet. Using personal dot com domains to create permanent email and branding and avoid issues related to reputation management.

HealthStatus, LLCAug 1998 - Present provides interactive health tools, health calculators and health risk assessments to a large and growing consumer base. We leverage the information collected from users to provide them with a unique health concierge experience where we can recommend health and wellness products that specifically meet their needs.

Our health risk assessments also known as HRA software. We provide health risk assessments to some of the largest health insurers and hospital networks down to one person wellness providers. Our HRA can be customized and includes extensive reporting capabilities to provide you with the data you need to run a successful wellness campaign for your employees or clients.

Digital Marketing Team
The Brookfield GroupDec 2018 - Present

I manage projects that require a diverse background in IT management with special marketing goals.

Couplewise/Living2-0Sep 2018 - Present

Provide Technical Strategy and Direction for online relationship and personal health applications.

Gaut It!Nov 2019 - Present

Gaut It! (pronounced Got It) Provides marketing automation strategies to companies that want a more complete solution to engaging users and customers, before and after the sale. With a variety of tools that we utilize we can help you with your website, email, SMS text, chat bots and social media to keep your users engaged and move them all the way through the funnel and out the other side to become champions of your products and services.